OMAP TOOLS brings professional experience in every phase of production, from product conception through final testing. We use the latest CAD 3D systems for development and design and then CAD-CAM systems for product engineering. Using the technical drawings and engineering phases, OMAP TOOLS manufactures a prototype of every new product for analyzing feasability in real-time applications.

As soon as the first prototype is approved, a job number is assigned. The job file describes the work process required for manufacturing the final product. It starts with material requirements and supply and continues through the final testing procedures. Each piece is marked with the job number and tracked from start to finish by a computerized system.


Quality control

This system registers the various manufacturing phases so that even after 10 years we are able to trace how and by whom any part was produced and any mistakes that might have been made. In order to guarantee 100% reliability each piece is subjected to a rigorous final testing, using high- tech testing equipment.




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